Co-Owner & Chief Flight Instructor, FAA-Approved Balloon Flight School
    Previously, an FAA-Designated Pilot Examiner, Balloons
    FAA-Designated Aviation Safety Counselor
    Co-Owner & Chief Inspector, FAA-Approved Balloon Repair Station, WD3R941L

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Certificates:
    Commercial Pilot, Free Balloon, no limitations
    Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land
    Previously, a Designated Pilot Examiner, Balloons
    Aviation Safety Counselor, Balloons
    Repairman/Inspector, Balloons

Other Relevant Certificates:
    Credential, Aeronautics/Aircraft, California Community Colleges
    Master Instructor, Balloon Federation of America
    FAA Pilot Proficiency Award, Phase XIX

    BA, Broadcasting, San Francisco State University
    Many Aviation Certificate Courses:
          Annual FAA Examiner Course;
          Balloon Manufacturer Maintenance Courses;
          Industry Flight Instructor Courses.

Some Pertinent Dates:
    1966, started ballooning; 1968 first solo flight
    1970, earned FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, Balloons
    1971, First FAA-Approved Balloon Flight School in US
    1973, Appointed Designated Pilot Examiner, Balloons, Oakland Flight Standards District Office
    1974, FAA-Approved Balloon Repair Station
    1981-85, Director, Balloon Federation of America
    1982, Awarded Distinguished Aeronaut Award, Balloon Federation of America
    1989-1997, worked with FAA on revision of Federal Aviation Regulations, Parts 61 and 141
    1990, Team Captain, Experimentation Balloon Flights in Soviet Union, Joint Venture
                      between US, Soviet Union, and France, Mars Exploration Program
    1993, Awarded FAA Certificate of Excellence, Diamond Award, FAA Aviation Technician
                       Training Program
    2001, FAA publishes Balloon Flying Handbook, FAA-H-8083-11, based on How To Fly A Balloon
                        by Brent Stockwell and Christine Kalakuka
    2002, Member of Board, Balloon Historical Society

Co-author, with Christine Kalakuka, of the following books:
    Hot Air Balloons, Friedman/Fairfax, August 1998
    How To Fly a Balloon, Balloon Publishing Company, 1993-2011
    Balloon Ground School Home Study Manual, 1987-2011
    Balloon Instructor's Manual, 1992-2011

Other Information:
    5000+ hours in balloons
    Trained over 350 students to fly balloons
    Flown at least 32 different models of balloons
    Own and fly single engine airplane; have flown gas balloons, airships, helicopters, seaplanes, and gliders

( In Remembrance )

    Co-owner & Administrator, FAA-Approved Balloon Flight School since 1972
    Co-owner & Manager, FAA-Approved Balloon Repair Station since 1974
    Co-owner, Editor, Author, Balloon Publishing Company

FAA Certificates:
    Repairman/Inspector, Balloons
    Bronze Award, Maintenance Technicians Award Program

    BA, Romance Languages, University of California, Berkeley, California
    MBA, Saint Mary's Graduate School of Business, Moraga, California
    Many Aviation Certificate Courses

    2002-2004, Organized small group of California balloonists to change California law to the benefit
             of California commercial balloon ride operators. AB2430 was passed in September 2004.
    2002, worked with founder Ed Yost, creator of the modern hot air balloon, to form the Balloon                
             Historical Society to recognize important scientific achievements made with high altitude
    1989-1997, worked with FAA to improve Federal Aviation Regulations for ballooning.

Balloon Excelsior
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Manteca CA 95337
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